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22 February 2010 @ 02:50 am
.hack//Link O.S.T. track listing  
Most of you have probably heard or anticipated by now that there is an OST that will go with the .hack//Link PSP game. Until February 5th, though, there was not yet a track listing. I happened to find it as news on the main page of the official website just today. Here are the track names, which I've translated as best as I know.

Disc 1
1. Title
2. Shukumei (Destiny)
3. Kite VS Fluegel
4. Kioku no Umi Daiichi Gakushou (Sea of Memories First Movement)
5. Obey Me!
6. Akasha Ban (Akashic Records)
7. Obsession
8. Shikkuzaaru no Ajito (Schicksal's Hideout)
9. Trommel
10. Jidai no Mukou E (To The Other Side of an Era)
11. Sono Na wa Sora (Its Name is Sora)
12. AIKA
13. Toki no Kaidan (Stairway of Time)
14. Geist
15. Kioku no Umi Daini Gakushou (Sea of Memories Second Movement)
16. Edge
17. Posaune
18. Kioku no Umi Daisan Gakushou (Sea of Memories Third Movement)
19. Silly-Go-Round
20. Ovan
21. Koshuta ∙ Baua Senjou Seki (Coite ∙ Bodher Battlefield Remains)
22. Orgel
23. Clarinette
24. Yuusha Nanka Ja Nai (I'm No Hero)
25. The Hero of Gear

Disc 2
1. Kioku no Umi Saishuu Gakushou (Sea of Memories Final Movement)
2. Shitou no Hate Ni (At The End of a Struggle to the Death)
3. Shi no Kyoufu (Terror of Death)
4. Deepest Memories (Deepest Memories)
5. Atoli
6. Guriima ∙ Reevu Daiseidou (Grima ∙ Raef Cathedral)
7. Shinjitsu no Yukue (Whereabouts of Truth)
8. Cello
9. Liar's Smile
10. Howling Death
11. Yasashiku Kimi wa Hohoende Ita (You Were Smiling Gently)
12. Genius
13. Kamen no Ura (Behind the Mask)
14. Saika
15. Yami ni Somaru Joou (Queen Dyed in Darkness)
16. Totsunyuu (Breaking Into)
17. Namida no Omoi (Thoughts of Tears)
18. Shuuen no Joou (Queen of Demise)
19. Kagayaku Kimi E (To the Shining You)
20. Kaaru no Teema (Carl's Theme)
21. Piros
22. Namaki Shunsoku no Dooberuman (Dull Swift Doberman)

Now, a few of these titles make me wonder. Sea of Memories sounds like it might be the game's theme song. Sora's name appearing in there makes me wonder whether the character will show up or if it'll just be a flashback, perhaps to explain Skeith who was seen in the promo video. I also have to wonder if AIKA is some variant of AIDA. As for Genius, since there is no track with Metronome's name, I'm assuming it's about him. Kamen no Ura, perhaps this is a reference to Geist?
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