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08 January 2010 @ 01:44 am
PSP game - demo and Cross Rengeki  
Edit: Since I've found shorter clips of just the Cross Rengeki itself for both Tsukasa and Kite, and also found clips for those of Mimiru and BlackRose, I updated the links. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a shorter clip for Haseo's, but at least this gives you a bit of a look at the gameplay. :)

I haven't played the original .hack//G.U. games yet (lack of japanese voiceover was a turn-off for me), so I only know that this Rengeki is a multiple attack. Most of you probably know by now that a .hack//Link game is coming out for the PSP, and since just recently, you can download a playable demo for it. It's all in japanese, but will still work for you. You can find various sites with instructions on how to download the demo to your PSP, so I won't cover that. On YouTube, you can videos of gameplay (in a party of 2) in which the animation for the Cross Rengeki are shown:

Tsukasa, those of you who have seen all of the episodes of SIGN will be reminded of a similar scene in one of them.
Kite is as well-coordinated and efficient as ever.
Haseo literally walks all over you.
BlackRose is bossy as always.
Mimiru is cheerful and energetic.
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