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26 March 2009 @ 10:13 pm
.hack//Link Manga Volume 1  
Well, I've only just found this info today, but the first manga volume of .hack//Link is in fact coming out today, according to the Kadokawa website.

More info here.
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Sargent Snarkysargent_snarky on March 28th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
=D Sweet!

Shame this'll be the last of the .hack conglomeration, but at the same time... what more can they do? I hope this does justice to the earlier parts of the series.
Cynthia Ahmar: D.Gray-Man - Timcanpisubaru_san on March 29th, 2009 07:42 am (UTC)
Thanks for replying! ^_^

I don't know whether this will be the last, but then again, if it is, it's probably a good thing. Honestly, GU wasn't exactly the most impressive piece of work when you compare it to SIGN and the first four games. And I definitely wasn't impressed with Haseo's random change of affections from Shino to Atoli. But anyway, point being, I don't want .hack to turn into the American series Survivor, never-ending.
Sargent Snarkysargent_snarky on March 29th, 2009 07:56 am (UTC)
For the record, your DGM icons make me giggle.

ANYWAY... very true. It's better that they stop now before they turn into a never-ending series that just gets worse and worse.

But... while I must agree that IMOQ and SIGN were much better than GU plot-wise and so forth, GU was still quite enjoyable. And I wasn't impressed with Haseo's change of affections, either, but like I said, I did like the games. They had their problems, but overall they weren't bad. I wished it had tied into the first set more, though, because it just seemed so detached from the feel of the originals (some changes I didn't mind - I liked the new Grunties, for instance, but... ehh...).

I just worry about this game, based on what I've seen of the manga via scanlations. True, the manga and game are (as I read somewhere) supposed to be rather different, but still... I wait with trepidation to see how the plot unfolds.
Cynthia Ahmarsubaru_san on March 29th, 2009 08:47 am (UTC)
I had someone else make me this icon because I thought Tim looked hilarious stuffing his mouth like that.

Yes, the plot of GU sounds interesting if you get past a lot of the drama. I have the GU games, but since finding out that they don't have the option of Japanese voiceover like the first four .hack games did, I couldn't bring myself to play them. I did see many clips from the games though, as well as read detailed summaries of them. The clips I got to see on the .hackey//News promo DVDs that were released in Japan. I managed to find most of those DVDs on auction sites, but I don't think I have them all as I don't know how many there are exactly. But I definitely found SIGN and the first four games to be more profound, with a more fascinating and straightforward plot, as well as far more interesting characters. In SIGN, I couldn't help but like every character, but in GU there are a lot of annoying ones.

Speaking of the games though, I hear that just like in the .hack//XXXX manga, you can apparently see a figure that looks like Kite inside of the Cubia Core, but replaying the games, I didn't notice anything. Would you or anyone you know happen to have a shot from the games showing this figure?

I don't know how different the game and manga of .hack//Link are supposed to be from one another, but if it does come out in America, I just hope they have the option of Japanese voiceover, because that was a huge disappointment with the GU games. As far as differences go, as long as they stick to the basic plot and don't just make it a random fighting game, I think it'll be good. At the very least, all the characters of the .hack//Link manga do seem like they'll be making an appearance in the game, according to the pic on this page:


And obviously we have some very welcome old faces too. Do you understand Japanese at all? I'm just wondering if anyone understands the piece of news that mentions a .hack//Link PV when you click on the News button. If I understand it well, it mentions something about the PV being on the rental of .hack//G.U. Trilogy, but if that's the case, does that mean it's not on any official, buyable piece of merchandise? You can see the video on Nicovideo though.
Sargent Snarky: happy facesargent_snarky on March 29th, 2009 09:51 am (UTC)
Tim looks either hilarious or adorable with most of what he does, I think.

Aww, I didn't think the English voiceovers for IMOQ or G.U. were that bad. Then again, I'm pretty used to dubbed anime and such and so don't really mind them overall. I can get past most atrocious voice acting, if the plot, animation and lines themselves are good enough. -shrugs-

Hmm... in SIGN I was never really all that fond of Subaru, really. But yes, I did like a greater percentage of the SIGN and IMOQ characters than the G.U. characters, I think. I agree, too, that the earlier storylines were more profound. There was much more going on with the questions of AIs and what The World was - or at least that's how it seemed. You still have a bit of that - or at least a bit of questioning about AIs in G.U. with the questions about AIDA - what it is, what it wants. But it wasn't the same... And Haseo wasn't nearly as cool as Kite.

Dang it, now I have such an urge to get out the games and start playing through again!

What are the .hackey//News promo DVDs? They sound familiar, but I don't remember what they were.

I have heard that about the Cubia Core, as well, and while I know there's /something/ inside the Cubia Cores, I have no idea what it is. And I do not have any screenshots, unfortunately You might check the .hack wikia (dothack.wikia.com) - they have pictures of a lot of enemies and such on there, but I don't know if you'll find anything. Or maybe try finding videos on YouTube or something?

Anyway, unfortunately I don't know any Japanese, though I'm slotted to start taking it next year. So, I've no idea what it says or anything about the .hack//Link PV. Sorry. =/ All I know regarding Trilogy is that it's supposedly coming out in North America in July. Perhaps there may be something to do with .hack//Link included with that? I'm not sure.

Heh - the thing I'm looking forward to most in Link is the appearances of so many of the old characters, really. Even a couple from the novels!
Cynthia Ahmar: Rurouni Kenshin - Hitokirisubaru_san on March 29th, 2009 11:11 am (UTC)
Totally agreed. Btw, have you read the latest D.Gray-Man chapter? Made my blood run cold and hot at the same time.

To be honest, I find most dubs horrifying, and I heard the dub voice of Endrance, for instance. Needless to say, it's nothing to compare to Saiga Mitsuki's voice.

Subaru and Tsukasa have always been my favorite characters of SIGN, with Bear and Crim close behind. I like Mimiru too, but I prefer the others. Yes, also the novel stories were more interesting. Though I've only read Haruka's perspective on the Albireo story, as well as the Macha and Tsukasa story in the second novel, and the entire first novel. Haseo is a drama queen and Kite is pretty mature for his age (at the time), so there's really no comparison.

I've begun replaying the games a while ago but I can't remember if I completed everything in the first volume so now I'm trying to figure that out. It was a pretty long while ago. Also, I could never win any Grunty races, I couldn't figure out how to properly turn no matter how many FAQs I read.

Well, there are actual promo DVDs that say "Promotion DVD" on them. Those have one long video with one of the songs of the GU games playing along to a series of clips of key moments of the games. The .hackey//News DVDs aren't marked as promo DVDs, but I certainly couldn't find any info about them being sold anywhere. I haven't watched them in a while, but among other things, each did have one episode of that Online Jack thing. I've never watched it anywhere else, since I haven't completed the GU games. But anyway, I only have like 2-3 of those DVDs, so like I said, I have no idea if all the Online Jack episodes are compiled on DVDs. How many episodes are there anyway?

I've tried watching videos, but I could never see anything. The shot didn't last long enough, and I never saw a close-up of the Cubia Core, even when I was fighting it. I don't fight in first-person POV usually because the enemy can be so huge that with all the flashes from special attacks and movements that the camera has to follow, it can get pretty confusing. That might be something to try, to step close to Cubia Core and change to first-person POV for a few seconds. I never saw any pics of Cubia Core on Wikipedia or the .hack//wiki. I found this image, where you can barely see anything. Btw, have you ever seen this type of image? It's from the old CyberConnect site, apparently. My Tsukasa icon was made from an image on that site.

Btw, about .hack//Link, I have to admit that I didn't expect Posaune to be pink and Geist to be red. O.o I had actually thought that Trilogy was already out in the US. I wasn't really keeping in touch with news, but didn't think it'd take them this long. But you might be right and they might include the PV on the North American DVD release; for the release of the FFVII Advent Children movie, a special edition of the DVD did include the anime OAV Last Order. But then again, that was originally on the Japanese DVD too, I think, so I don't know.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing a properly animated Albireo. I liked his character, both the design of it and his personality.

Btw, I asked this on the hackgu community a while back, but no one replied, so I was wondering if you'd happen to know the track listing of the CD that came with the .hack//G.U. Trilogy New World Guide magazine? Some tracks I recognized as having heard them before, but didn't know their titles, and the CD itself doesn't show anything.
Sargent Snarky: sherlocksargent_snarky on March 31st, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)
( Sorry for taking a while to reply - yesterday was an incredibly busy day.)

Chapter 182? YES. Hot and cold blood is a good way to describe my reaction to it, too. ... although I did giggle at the last panel. The day Kanda calls Allen by his given name is the day the world explodes, I imagine.

Regarding dubs, yes... often the voices (like Endrance's) are inferior in the dubs, but if the rest of the video game or anime makes up for it, then I'm willing to go with it. Besides, there are some that are actually good. The dub of Princess Tutu was excellent, for instance.

Tsukasa, Bear and Sora have always been my favorite SIGN characters, with Macha, Mimiru and BT as the next group. There was just something about Subaru that grated on my nerves, I think. I half wish there had been more novel stories - and fully wish that they'd translate & publish .hack//zero (although first it'd be nice if they finished it) and .hack//analysis and .hack//Epitaph of Twilight - because some of the stuff you found out in the novels was just so interesting. It really added to the backstory and all. Lol. Drama Queen does seem an apt title for Haseo, although he gets better as the games progress. He's less irritating by the third game.

I was never very good at the Grunty races, either. I did win one or two, but I could never do very well in some of the Root Towns, though I forget which ones. Mostly, though, I just liked collecting Grunty Food and trying to get each type of Grunty.

As for Online Jack, I think there are nine episodes? And I think you can only get all of them by playing through the games.

As for Cubia... hmm... perhaps when I go home again for the summer, I shall have to try that. Unfortunately, I don't have a method of taking screencaps from the game, but I'll let you know if I do see anything that looks suspiciously like Kite inside Cubia.

And yes, I have seen that type of image before. You could, via meeting certain goals in the Ryu Books, unlock a lot of wallpapers like that to be used on your ALTIMIT OS in the original four games. For example, if you managed to get, say, 100 different types of items or fight and kill 50 different types of monsters - stuff like that - you could unlock different sound tracks for your ALTIMIT and different backgrounds. I didn't know you could get them off of the old CyberConnect website, though. =o

I don't really keep up with the news, but I occasionally check www.dothackers.net, which usually updates when something new in the world of .hack gets announced.

Anyway... .hack//Link - Posuanne disturbs me. But I didn't have any ideas in mind for their colors, so I wasn't surprised to see the colored ones. I like Geist's read, personally. A properly animated Albireo will be excellent - he /is/ quite cool. On that subject, though, what do you think of the character redesigns? The few I've seen so far, I've liked, but then again, I've only seen a couple in detail.

Regarding the CD that came with the .hack//G.U. Trilogy New World Guide, I am afraid I can be of no help. I can tell you the track listings of the actual game soundtrack, but not of that CD. Sorry. =/
Cynthia Ahmar: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Tamasubaru_san on March 31st, 2009 07:20 am (UTC)
(No prob. This is a very long reply, after all.)

Funny though, how by his own words, Kanda is overdue on calling him by his name. :P

Just the thought of playing an entirely dubbed game depresses me. I've heard there's a way to make a Playstation DVD that would allow you to play with Japanese voiceover, but of course you'd need a modded PS2, sadly. :(

Well, I liked Subaru from the start because she was the one person who didn't have an uninformed opinion about Tsukasa. Honestly, I like Macha, but she's not a developed enough character for me to have liked her as much as the others. About .hack//Zero, it seems finished to me. There doesn't seem to be anything more that you could add to it, since the end of that volume pretty much leads into the games. .hack//Analysis is an artbook so not very likely to get translated, but .hack//Epitaph of Twilight, I also hope they'll translate it. At least with .hack//AI Buster translated, you have a lot of good background info. Certainly explains, for instance, why administrators never got involved in the Tsukasa incident. And speaking of annoying characters, Hokuto annoys me no matter which POV I read the Albireo story from.

I used guides to play the games, so I did manage to get all of the Grunties of each server, but for the Noble Grunty, for instance, I'd use as many random foods of the ones that were never really used for evolving them, like the mints.

Well, if you or anyone you know does take a screencap, let me know. ^_^

Yeah, I remember that now. I used one of them for my game wallpapers for a long while. Also, for the music, I would first use the one that played in the church, then later the one that was played whenever a fragment of the Epitaph was being read out loud. Btw, the link to the actual website is this. I don't actually remember how I found this website, but it seems strangely isolated, not really linking to the other CyberConnect sites. Anyway, too bad the pics are too small to be used as wallpapers with my current screen resolution.

I've kept up with the .hack//Link raws, and yes, Posaune is disturbing, especially since he somehow fooled Haseo into being on his side (last chapter I read, anyway, I think he told him that Tokio is Tri-Edge's friend or something...). Well, I didn't have any particular colors in mind either, but I can at least say the black on Geist did not surprise me, just the bright red did. The character redesigns don't look that different from the anime designs in the case of Tsukasa and Subaru. Just a bit manga-fied, if you will, and I think they all look good. Saika is annoying though, and should learn about pants if she insists on wearing disturbingly short skirts.

Can you match any of the GU tracks to any tracks on this CD? That might help a bit, at least.

Btw, on the CyberConnect site I mentioned above, you could actually download some WMAs by clicking on certain links. In the menu on the left side of the frames,if you click on the seventh link from the top (should say "special" at the end of the URL when you put your mouse over it), that's the section to check it. Then, click on the banner image of Mistral. The blue button on that page is a Christmas-themed WMA. On a page that the owner of a fansite linked me to, but which I don't know how to get there myself, there's another WMA, this one a Christmas remix of Balmung's theme. The page is here. Click almost everywhere on the first site and you're sure to find a lot of nice images.
Sargent Snarky: squee pigsargent_snarky on April 5th, 2009 06:52 am (UTC)
Life came and ate me for a few days. But it has spat me back out, again, for the weekend.

Very true about Kanda. =o Did you see this week's chapter?! In particular, the end of it?

Well... hopefully you'll be lucky, and Link will have the Japanese voiceovers included - although I heard that the main reason they didn't also include the Japanese voiceovers in the GU games was because of space limitations on the disks. I could have misheard, though.

I grew to like Macha more after meeting her next iteration in the original games - in my head, I think I tend to count Mia as Macha, albeit missing her memories of before and in a different body. I did like how Subaru did her best to learn all she could about the situation, but there was just something about her that irritated me.

As for the novels, I had heard that .hack//Zero had a very unfinished ending, like there was more to the story. I've not actually read it, though, so I'll take your word for it on it being finished. Hmm... perhaps one day I shall get my mitts on a copy of .hack//Analysis, nonetheless, and translate it myself, if/when I learn Japanese. The background information in AI Buster we do get is pretty nice.

Regarding Hokuto, she never bothered me. I liked the idea of there being a known web poet who occasionally plays as a newbie, and I liked the idea of where Balmung & Orca got their titles. So, I suppose the liking of the idea of Hokuto prevented me from being annoyed by her.

Hehe, I didn't use guides to play the games themselves, preferring to stock up on Fairy's Orbs to get myself through dungeons & that sort of thing, but I did use online guides to find all the ghosts in the second game and other hidden away stuff like that. And after getting about twenty Noble Grunties, I think I started using the guides for that, too. xD

I will let you know, if there's any development on the screen cap dealio.

Thanks for the link to the website! I'll be sure to explore it in short order. As for using the pictures, perhaps you could tile them or just center them with a nice border? I do that with pics I really like but which are too small for my resolution. Or maybe... make a patchwork of them in Paint or Photoshop or something! =D

I concur about Saika being annoying. Can anyone say fanservice? -.-; She does need pants. Or maybe a decent length skirt.

If I could hear the tracks on the CD, maybe I could match them up. I'll look around and see if anyone's uploaded them to be heard somewhere, and if I can match them up for you, I will.

Oh my! I heard about the Christmas remix! ^__^ heheheh! Delightful! Thank you so much!
Cynthia Ahmar: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Touma & Kayusubaru_san on April 5th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
No prob.

I'm not sure which part you're referring to, but the end of it was Allen talking about Mana, right? And boy, Allen had quite the huge scar.

Actually, for G.U., no one seems to be sure why but some people claim it's lack of space, which others have disputed. Other people just think it's laziness, which sounds more likely. *sighs* The first four games were much better.

Yeah, it isn't just in your head, Mia *is* Macha. ^_^ If you've seen the episode Unison, Tsukasa immediately recognizes Mia. Subaru is maybe a character with a position of slightly too much authority before she disbands the Crimson Knights. That was a reason I disliked Silver Knight. But Subaru didn't take herself as seriously and did what she wanted, so I liked her.

I didn't see the ending of .hack//Zero, I've only read summaries about it, but from what I read, it sounds like it leads into the games, which would have an unfinished but appropriate look, imo. Then again, maybe there was supposed to be more and they never did it, I don't know. Or maybe they expected to have more content but ended up stopping it after the first volume.

Overall, I found Hokuto to be more annoying than useful. Just the very fact that the newbie she played had to act not just stupid, but obnoxious as well, was a total turn-off to her character.

I never did use Fairy's Orbs. I would try to clear every field before entering the dungeon, but I might have used a Fairy's Orb maybe once or twice, when I was having a really hard time finding those last few magic portals. But even with the guides, sometimes I'd accidentally walk in a cutscene area before I could get the treasure.

About the tracks, if I can find the magazine, I'll get it and upload them.